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3 B's Workout...Biceps, Back and Bench Hops!

The Three B Workout! Back, Biceps and Bench Hops! Never tried bench hops? Give this workout a try and build muscle while you blast calories…wait? Maybe it should be the four B’s - Back, Bi’s, Bench Hops AND Blast calories!

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21 Minute Burn and Tone FULL BODY CHALLENGE

Short on time?  This workout is 21 minutes and is a perfect full body, fat burning workout that you can do anywhere!

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Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout

This Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout will blast calories, burn fat and build muscle.  Battle ropes are great for boosting your metabolism, building explosive strength, stabilizing muscle imbalances, and increasing range of motion.  Grab a towel and your ropes - you are about to get sweaty!

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