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My "Go To" Upper Body Workout

This is my “go to” workout when I need to hit a full upper workout without spending hours in the gym. I can bang out 6 sets of each major muscle group by doing supersets - it’s pretty fast and furious!

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3 B's Workout...Biceps, Back and Bench Hops!

The Three B Workout! Back, Biceps and Bench Hops! Never tried bench hops? Give this workout a try and build muscle while you blast calories…wait? Maybe it should be the four B’s - Back, Bi’s, Bench Hops AND Blast calories!

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Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Picking up weights can be intimidating...which is why so many people, especially women, never leave the cardio area.   Using the Beginner Dumbbell Workout will give you a plan, and more importantly an idea of the range of dumbbell weights you should start with, which can give you the confidence to try strength training. You are stronger than you think you are!  Don't be afraid to try the Beginner Dumbbell Workout it has everything you need to know to get out of the cardio area of the gym!

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