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My "Go To" Upper Body Workout

This is my “go to” workout when I need to hit a full upper workout without spending hours in the gym. I can bang out 6 sets of each major muscle group by doing supersets - it’s pretty fast and furious!

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No Excuses Total Body Workout

The No Excuses Total Body Band Workout is perfect for times you can't get to the gym!  No time? No problem! No equipment? No problem! Taking kids to park? No problem! You can take this anywhere and have it done in no time at all - it really is a No Excuses Workout!  It will challenge your body, but not your mind or time schedule!

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Back to School Workout Series

With 3 daughters heading off to college this Fall, I wanted to put together a workout series that they could easily incorporate into their collegeate routine. Finding time to exercise can not only help you fight the college weight gain, but it can improve your focus and concentration as well as improve your mood and reduce anxiety and stress. There are 4 workouts in this Back to School Workout Series.  If you are working out 3 days a week, I would suggest doing the upper body workout,  lower body workout and cardio core workout.  If you are wanting to make fitness part of your daily routine, I would suggest doing  upper body, cardio/core, full body, cardio/core, lower body. So colleatates...start your year off not only nourishing your mind, but also nourishing your body. Healthy life, happy life!

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