Hello! We are Cindy & Meg!

Two friends, 8 daughters, a couple of gallons of coffee and a whole lot of burpees…that pretty much sums up who we are. Well not exactly, but it gives you a pretty good picture!  We are two friends who are personal trainers and group fitness instructors.  We were brought together through their love of fitness, and realize how much more enjoyable working out, and life in general, can be when you do it with your close friends.  

Meg is mom to 5 daughters and has a deep love for design and creating beautiful spaces, as well as working out!   Modeling a healthy lifestyle for her girls has not only been a gratifying experience, but it has become a common thread that brings Meg and her girls closer.  Cindy is mom to 3 daughters and is a reformed couch potato.  While losing weight in her 40’s, she found she loved working out (who knew!) and “clean eating” transformed her relationship with food. We are both personal trainers who find great joy in empowering women in their fitness and clean eating journey.  Just as working out is more fun with someone by your side, so is teaching the classes!  Guiding women to find the connection between food and fitness while creating a supportive and encouraging environment is our ultimate goal.  

This blog is for anyone looking to take control of their health, eating, or home.  We’re on this journey with you and our goal is to provide you with some concrete tools to make healthy, positive changes in your life.  No matter what path your life has taken you, it is never to late to take steps toward healthier living.  Living a wholesome life is a journey not a destination!