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Calorie crushing circuit

 We really believe it is important to constantly confuse your muscles in order to effectively burn calories and keep your fitness journey from hitting a plateau.  This cardio/core workout is a very effective calorie burning HIIT circuit that requires no equipment. It will shock your metabolism into high gear and supercharge your calorie burn!  And you can do it at home!  If you really want to up your calorie this circuit outside!  Any time I take my workouts to my backyard, I can count on doubling my calorie burn and getting a good sweat on!  YAHOO!  It’s the perfect calorie crushing workout!

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Low Impact Beginner Cardio/Core Workout

This is a great workout for beginners, for anyone nursing an injury that requires low impact cardio, or if you just want an effective workout without a lot of jumping.  In only 21 minutes (if you do this workout at 30/15)  you can burn calories, strengthen your core,  feel good about your effort and take all those positive endorphines into the rest of your day.  

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