Lean Legs Workout

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Cindy and I love to have fun when we workout, as you can see from the pic!   This lower body metabolic conditioning workout will help create a leaner you!  The combination of strength and cardio conditioning creates an  effective workout that you can pepper with laughter through out for an added calorie burn:)  This workout features lower body strength with some ab work in conjunction with some small bursts of cardio hiits.  I LOVES me a good lower body workout!!!!  Have fun with this one and burn it out!


  • Take breaks as needed. Repeat each strength set 2-3 times followed by set of HIIT exercises done at 20 seconds on/10 seconds off - 2 times through before you move on to next strength set.

  • You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Click HERE for full disclaimer.


dumbbells, resistance tube bands, sandbell,  loop band, barbell

Warm Up:  30 seconds each exercise

boxer shuffle, butt kicks, jumping jacks, skaters, good mornings, squat kicks, lunges, side lunges (click here to see video demo)


(remember to click on the exercise to see a video demo)

STRENGTH SET 1:  2-3 times 

1.  goblet squats-12 reps (use dumbells, med ball or tube resistance bands)

2.  one legged deadlift-12 reps

3.  plank hip taps-30 reps

HIIT:  20/10  2 times

squat jump or modified squat jump

Heisman shuffle

zig zag jumps

boxer shuffle

STRENGTH SET 2:  2-3 times

1.  weighted glute raise-12 reps (can rest dumbbells on hips or use barbell)

2. elevated curtsy lunge-12 each side (start lunge up on step)

3.  hand/elbow plank + knee to same elbow-15 reps

HIIT: 20/10  2X

knee up L

knee up R

jumping jacks

reverse lunge skips

STRENGTH SET 3:  2-3 times

1.  step ups-12 reps each leg L then R

2.  deadlift-12 reps

3.  plank rear raisers-15 reps

HIIT: 20/10 2X

burpee + jumping jack


scissor jacks

jump rope


1.  side lunge-12 reps each leg L then R (*can hold 2 dumbbells or 1)

2.  one legged glute raise w/bands or on ball-12 reps

3.  side plank crunch-15 reps each side

lean leg hiit circuits!  the perfect leg hiit workout! www.cardiocoffeeandkale.com
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