Killer Kettlebell Full Body Circuit

killer kettlebell full body workout.

The kettlebell is such a versatile piece of gym equipment. You can find them almost anywhere and they take up almost no space at all…perfect! So, whether you take this workout to the gym, do this in your own backyard or do this on vacation, you will burn calories and tone your upper and lower body with this fun and effective circuit!


Follow the reps for each exercise OR do 30 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds of break. * here is the Seconds app we love for timing circuits*

Go through the circuit 2-4 times.

Rest between circuits as needed.

warm up:

  • boxer shuffle, butt kicks, jumping jacks, skaters, good mornings, squat kicks, lunges, side lunges (click here for a warm up video demonstration)

Kettlebell circuit:

1. kettlebell swing (30 reps)

2. Sumo to lunge (10 reps)

3. Single leg deadlift + one arm close row (10 reps each side)

4. Suitcase carry swing (10 reps)

5. Kettlebell push up (5 each side) *like med ball push up, but use KB instead

6. Squat kickback + overhead press (10 reps)

7. Overhead hold bicycles (10 reps)

8. Burpee lateral jump over kettlebell (10 reps)

9. Single leg glute raise (10 reps each side)

10. Leg lift + tricep extension (10 reps)

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killer full body kettlebell workout!
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