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Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout

Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout

It is difficult to find anything that blasts your heart rate and engages your total body like battle ropes.  Battle ropes build core strength while they increase power and explosiveness, they help correct muscle imbalances and they also increase range of motion.  They are an excellent way to condition with high intensity - a brutal 40 second HIIT on the battle ropes will leave you feeling more exhausted than almost any other cardio exercise.  

Battle ropes don't necessarily have to be an expensive piece of equipment, to be honest, mine were very reasonable.  Shop around - I've seen plenty of 50 ft ropes under $60.  I also like the 1 1/2" thick diameter, I think it is perfect weight to accomplish what I want battle ropes to do - create a maximum intensity cardio hit.  Thicker ropes are more for building strength, but I use other things like dumbbells and free weights for that.  Larger diameter ropes tend to be too thick to get an explosive workout, because the motions are slower.  I've used the heavier ropes before, and while they are a good shoulder workout, I don't feel like I need to lay down afterwards - the smaller diameter ropes allow for quicker movement and maximum cardiovascular intensity.  Consider what your goals are for using the battle ropes when deciding on the width of the ropes. (This is the set of ropes I bought for under $50)

Always remember to click on the exercises for a video demonstration.  Below is a video of the complete Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout, feel free to pause the video after each exercise so that you can follow along without trying to remember what the individual exercises are called.  Remember to take breaks as needed - this is an intense workout!  


  • Follow the list of exercises and take breaks as neccassary
  • Repeat the entire circuit 2 times through


Battle ropes

Warm up 

30 seconds each exercise

  • Boxer Shuffle
  • Butt Kicks
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Good Mornings
  • Air Squats
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Side Lunge


  1. Double Arm Swing 25-30
  2. Squat - 10 
  3. Outward Double Arm Swing - 25-30
  4. Right One Legged Squat or Pistol Squat - 10
  5. Alternating Single Arm Swings - 30-40
  6. Left One Legged Squat - 10
  7. Battle Rope Burpee - 10 - 15
  8. Squat - 10 
  9. Single Rope, Double Arm, Fast Swing - 40
  10. Right One Legged Deadlift with Swing - 10
  11. Double Arm Swing with Jump Lunge - 15-20
  12. Left One Legged Deadlift with Swing - 10
  13. Fast Feet Up and Down Rope - 2 sets 
  14. Plank with One arm Swing - 15 each side (This is not in the video - get in a plank position hands and grab the rope with one hand, swing the rope up and down, maintaining core balance and making sure not to dip hips)

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Brutal Battle Ropes Maximum HIIT Workout
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