10's Circuit Workout

10's Circuit Workout cardiocoffeeandkale.com

This is a great way to start your fitness journey.  If you are just beginning, please remember today is the hardest this will ever be, but you just need to stick with it!  You will be amazed that what you found so difficult today, you can easily conquer within in just a matter of several weeks.  When you first begin, you may need to break the workout into smaller sections, or start with 5 reps instead of 10 - do what you need to do to keep moving forward.  The beginning is always the hardest - Don't lose motivation!  It is all a process and a year from now you will be so happy that you didn't give up!  

The goal is to get all 10 exercises done in one workout.  As you progress with your fitness level, you will be able to finish the circuit more quickly, so you can add more rounds, eventually working up to 3 sets.  

%22It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.%22 -Socrates.-2.png

Don't sell yourself short - your body, your health and your happiness are worth the effort!  You only have one body - do your best to take care of it!  Congratulations on starting this journey!


10’s Circuit Workout


Work through each exercise, taking breaks when needed.  Do 1-3 sets, taking a 1-2 minute break between sets.

You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.  Click HERE for full disclaimer.




  1. Squat - 10

  2. Push-Up - 10 (on knees or against wall if necessary)

  3. Toy Soldier - 10

  4. Donkey Kick - 10 each leg

  5. Russian Twist - 10 Each Side

  6. Dips - 10

  7. Lunges - 10 Each Side

  8. Plank Shoulder Tap - 10

  9. Bicycle Crunch - 10

  10. Bird Dog - 10

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