Glorious Tea...3 Things I Love Right Now

Glorious Tea...3 Things I Love Right Now

You know we love coffee, that's obvious by the name of our blog... but we also are also obsessed with tea!  The weather is cooling down and there is nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea in your hands!  In fact, this time of year Meg and I drink tea all day long.  We love it all, green, white, black, and herbal, and it's healthy too!  I thought I'd share three tea related items that I am in love with right now!

Electric Tea Kettle


I can not tell you how much I love my tea kettle, the Cuisinart Perfectemp!  (Here is the one I have)  At this moment, it is by far the most used appliance in my kitchen.  I use it all day long and now that I have one with the automatic temperature control, I can not imagine going back to having no control over the temperature of my water.  I wrote an article a while ago about the importance of the correct brew temperature for different types of tea (you can read it here).   Brewing tea at the correct temperature ensures effectiveness to the tea's antioxidant properties, and it also improves the taste of the tea so much!   You will be shocked at how the temperature of the water effects the bitterness of the tea.  I do not use sugar or cream in my water, so I can really taste when tea gets bitter.  For years I drank my tea at a boiling water temp, but now using a lower brewing temp has given me a whole new world!  It tastes completely different...and so much better! 

Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Tea


This tea is hands down my all time favorite tea!  To be honest, no other tea even comes close to how much I love it.  This tea is so good I give it for gifts all the time and I've turned a mini-cult following onto this glorious tea!  I have one friend that calls it "Life Changing Tea!"  Imagine drinking a warm cup of tea that tasted like yummy Big Red.  (It goes under two names - Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea and Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea)

Besides tasting great, it has two great benefits for those trying to lose weight.  It is so delicious it doesn't need any sweetner, but it surprisingly satisfies sugar cravings without any added sugar.  When I crave something sweet in the evenings, I drink a cup of this tea and I can avoid making bad choices with sugary snacks - it tames my sweet tooth.  The flavor packed cinnamon is also great for controlling your body's blood sugar, and really helpful for those trying to lose weight.  Cinnamon also boasts a host of amazing benefits, like antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are all great for your health.  (You can order it here

Double Walled Glass Mugs


I admit that I am in need of intervention over my love of serving pieces and glassware.  Does anyone else get giddy at the thought of a nice glass or hate drinking from plastic?  Well my current favorite glass is this double walled mug, I use it for both warm and cold beverages!  I ordered it primarily because I loved the look of coffee and tea in the mug, but now it's functionality has won over my affection as well - It keeps my hot beverages hot, and my cold beverages cold.  I have even started using it for my frozen smoothies because they stay colder in this than in a regular glass.  I thought it was just my fondness for glassware that made me love this so much, until I hosted our ladies from the gym over last week, and they loved it too!   (Here are the mugs I have)

Here are the mugs keeping my Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie cold on a 95 degree day!

I hope with the cooler weather, you find some tea related items you love!  Please share some of your favorite tea essentials in the comments below!  I'd love to try out your suggestions and they just might become my new favorite!  


Want to make your tea more healthy?

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