The Only Kettlebell Workout You'll Ever Need

The Only Kettlebell Workout You Will Ever Need

The Ultimate Total Body Kettlebell Workout

I love this workout!  I did it outside this weekend and I burned over 500 calories!  It's a great total body workout and all you need is a kettlebell or two, so it's easy to take outdoors.  It rotates between upper, lower and core exercises so you will be able to keep breaks to a minimum.  Kettlebells are cheap and so versatile - if you don't own a kettle bell, it's a great starter piece of equipment since you can use it in so many different ways!  We use the metal Cap Barbell Kettlebells at both our gym and home (you can find them here).  

The things to remember:

  • Always use good form when doing anything with the kettlebell - if poor form or too heavy of a weight is used, it can cause strain in your lower back. If you suffer from lower back issues, this may not be the workout for you.

  • I used the same weight for all exercises, but feel free to switch between weights for different exercises. (I used a 15 lbs kettlebell)

  • Always remember to keep your core engaged and never hyperextend back.

  • Full video explanation is below.

  • Don't forget to fill out the form below for a free printable workout. Make sure to click the link after submitting the form.



  • Do entire circuit taking breaks as needed.

  • Do 2 sets of the circuit (if time allows, circuit may be performed 3 times)

  • All strength exercises are sets of 10 each side.

  • Kettlebell swings are sets of 30

  • 1:00-2:00 minutes rest between circuits

  • You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Click HERE for full disclaimer.


  • Kettlebells (Dumbbells can be substituted for kettlebells)

Warm up:  30 seconds each

boxer shuffle, butt kicks, jumping jacks, skaters, good mornings, squat kicks, lunges, side lunges (video of warm up click here)


  1. Goblet Squat - 10

  2. One Arm Row - 10 each arm

  3. Kettlebell Swing - 30

  4. Russian Twist - 10 each side

  5. Sumo Squat to Upright Row - 10

  6. 1/2 Get Up - 10 each side

  7. Overhead Tricep Extension - 10

  8. One Arm Kettlebell Swing - 30 (15 ea side)

  9. One Legged Deadlift - 10 each leg

  10. Alternating Pushup - 10 total (5 ea side)

  11. Reverse Lunge with OR without Kettlebell Swing - 10 each leg

  12. Overhead Hold with Reverse Crunch - 10

  13. Weighted Carry - Overhead 30 Seconds Directly to Suitcase Carry 30 seconds - Repeat other arm

  14. Split Squat - 10 each side

  15. Kettlebell Burpee - 10

Check out the video below for a full explanation of the exercises!

(Click here for a 12 minute complete body stretching video to use following the workout)

Fill out the form below for a printable workout.

Don't forget to click the link.

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