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it's all one sided full body workout

As a mom of 5 girls, I find I am constantly seeking balance in my life. With a hectic schedule, I am always looking for ways to balance my daily schedule. It got me to thinking about balance in my workouts. It is easy to develop imbalances (right/left asymmetries) as a result of past injuries or just because you have a naturally dominant side. When you perform a bilateral exercise, your stronger side compensates by taking on more of the load than your weaker side. By performing exercises that challenge one side of your body at a time (unilateral exercises) you prevent muscle imbalances from developing, improve your core strength, challenge your brain (your nervous system builds new brain synapses) and prevent injuries. What’s not to love about that?!

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How to Get Higher Hops! Explosive Strength and Plyometric Workout

Do you want to get higher hops to block better in volleyball?  Be more explosive leaving the base in softball?  Or would you just like to play a game of basketball with your family and be able to keep up with the kids?  This workout is just the thing you need to increase vertical and explosive strength!

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