Friday Favorites 111

It's always fun to share the things that are putting a smile on my face, so here are this week's Friday Favorites!

The Perfect Pho

My husband loves Pho and ever since his favorite restaurant went out of business, he has been on a search to find it's equal (Pho is the Vietnamese soup pictured above).  For his birthday we tried the restaurant with the best rated Pho in Chicago...and it was such a fun experience!  We had never been to Little Saigon or Asia on Argyle which is on Broadway in the Uptown area.  It was a cultural explosion and was packed with restaurant after restaurant serving great authentic Vietnamese food, and had beautifully painted murals covering the walls on many of the buildings.  If you have never ventured to that area of the city, I would highly recommend trying any one of the great restaurants.  We tried Tank Noodle and the Pho was delicious! Did it live up to expectations?  It did!  Pho 777 and Pho Viet are also highly rated!  It was a great evening out with our family exploring a new part of Chicago!

One of the mural in the  Little Saigon  area of Uptown Chicago

One of the mural in the Little Saigon area of Uptown Chicago

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

I honestly would never have even thought about buying a rose tea, but my daughter recommended it, and I love it!  It is a completely different flavor than most of my other teas and since it's naturally caffeine free, I use it to help curb my sweet tooth in the evenings!  (You can find it here)  Try making making a double batch of tea and use one Sweet Rose teabag and one teabag of the Hibiscus Pineapple tea that I mentioned in an earlier Friday Favorites post- it's so yummy!  

My Prayer Journal

Journaling does not come naturally for me, and I can always use some structure in my prayer time as well.  This journal has a pretty simple format that is perfect for me, I need clear objectives when I journal!  I am also a aesthetically motivated person, so the pretty cover on this journal just makes me happy!  It is really reasonable and I love giving it as a gift too!.  (You can find it here)

The Power of Paint

More specifically Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray.  During one of my daughter's middle school years, we painted her bedroom an apple green.  It didn't take long for her to realize she didn't love the color...but unfortunately it DID take a long time for me to repaint it.  Painting over that bright green with a nice calming gray should have been done a long time ago!  What a difference one simple can of paint can make!  I love Stonington Gray and have it in other rooms in my house, it's a nice timeless color that looks a little different in each room.  A can of paint is such a cheap way to completely change the look of a room!  What is your favorite color?  I am always on the search for a new paint color.

Delicious Chicken and Veggie Bowl

My family loves to make "bowls"!  I usually set up an "toppings bar" for them to assemble their own creation, that way everyone is happy because they can get what they like.  This chicken is so yummy it's almost danergous - it's hard to stop eating!  I just posted the recipe this week.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  It has quickly become a family favorite!

Please feel free to share some of the things you are loving this week!  I am always on the look out for new things to try!  Have a happy Friday!

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Here are this week's Friday Favorites: Pho from Little Saigon in Chicago, a rose tea, a prayer journal, paint and my newly posted chicken recipe! #journal #Pho #soup
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