Friday Favorites 107


Occasionally, Meg and I like to share the things that are making us smile!  Here are the things I am enjoying this cold January!  

Hibiscus Pineapple Lychee Tea

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I am loving this tea right now...but to be honest, I am loving all teas right now!  This cold weather makes me want to have a warm cup in my hands at all times.  I try to drink a variety of green, white, herbal and black tea during the day, mixing caffeinated and caffeine-free.  That is one reason I love this tea - it's naturally caffeine-free and the hibiscus leaves are full of antioxidants!  Of course the Harney and Son's Hot Cinnamon Spice is my all time favorite, but I am enjoying this tea too!  (You can find the Republic of Tea Pineapple Lychee Tea here)

Greens, Greens, and More Greens

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Part of my New Year's resolution has been to eat more super nutrient-rich greens and veggies!  I have been eating a ton of everything from swiss chard to asparagus, and bok choy to spinach!  I love feeding my body the healthiest foods that I can, and this book has been such a help - The World's Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan.  It's like an encyclopedia of food and it tells you exactly what vitamins and nutrients are in each food, why they are important, and the best way to cook them to maximize the health benefits.  

Our New Addition

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On the spectrum of pet lover's, we land squarely on the dog-loving side of the spectrum and were quite sure we'd never own another cat...until Christmas.  Our youngest has been wanting a cat for so long! She was unbelievably surprised Christmas morning when we told her we would get her a cat, to be honest, so were we!  After a long search of all the local shelters, we found the best kitten ever, I had no idea cats could be so sweet.  A big shout out to Anderson Animal Shelter for anyone looking to adopt a wonderful pet.  They help find homes for animals all over the country - our little guy came from a shelter in Tennessee.  Last year alone they found homes for over 3,000 pets. How awesome is that? If you are looking for a pet, or would like to help out a worthy cause - find out more about Anderson Animal Shelter here.

Fish Tacos


My husband has been on a lifelong search for a great fish taco!  He's had a couple of good ones, unfortunately mostly bad ones, but he never gets deterred from his mission to keep searching.  I came up with this recipe a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit! Everyone from my middle schooler up to my oldest daughter loved it. Here is the recipe I just posted!   

Birthday Celebrations!

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This week was my middle daughter's birthday and we had a couple of dinners and a fun shopping trip to celebrate!  When you have daughters in college, you treasure the time you get to spend wth them - it was so nice having everyone home this weekend, and being able to go downtown and spend the afternoon with my daughter.  We had the most amazing Quinoa Pomegranate Salad at Fig and Olive Restaurant...I think I may try to use it as inspiration to make my own! (Update - I did and I think it turned out pretty yummy!  Find the recipe here)

Orchids Everywhere!

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Imagine a flower that lasts for two months, requires almost no care, and will even rebloom several times?  Well, if you've never had an orchid - you are missing out!  I have a $15 orchid that my husband bought me three months ago that is still about getting your money's worth.  I love orchids all the time, but this time of year I am especially fond of them because their beautiful flowers give me that hint that spring is just around the corner.

Please share some of your favorite things in the comments below!  We love getting new ideas of things to try!  

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Here are the things putting a smile on my face - from my favorite tea to fish tacos, and animal adoptions to the flower I can't live without!