5 Reasons to Start Eating Pumpkin Seeds


Seeds and nuts are a great way to eat healthy while you're on the go.  They pack protein, essential nutrients and antioxidants in a travel friendly package!  It's no wonder that everyone loves them!  Of all the seeds and nuts, pumpkin seeds pack the most protein for the calories and it's the perfect time of year to start adding them to your "clean eating" stock pile!  

Here are 5 reasons to put them in your pantry today!

Protein Packed

People love eating nuts for protein, especially almonds.  You might be surprised to know that pumpkin seeds have the highest amount of protein per serving, over 30% more than almonds.  While most nuts have around 6 grams per serving, pumpkin seeds are loaded with 9.75 grams of muscle building protein. 

Keeps You Feeling Full Longer

All nuts are high in fat, which means the combination of fat and protein are slower digesting and leave you feeling full longer.  Being satiated helps keep you from feeling hungry and making bad eating decisions.  One thing to keep in mind, the higher fat content is why the serving sizes are so small, only 1/4 cup.  The good news, is that quarter cup of pumpkin seeds will have you feeling more full than if you ate an entire cup of carbs, and the "fullness" lasts for a very long time!  

Packed with Nutrients

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of a ton of nutrients.  One serving has almost 75% of the daily recommended intake of manganese, which is needed for collagen production and healthy skin.  With almost 50% of the DRI of phosphorus, magnesium and copper, which are all important to maintaining healthy bone density and energy production.  Pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc, which is often deficient in many diets, and is critical to immune function.   It's a nutrient powerhouse!

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

Pumpkin seeds are rich in a unique blend of antioxidants and inflammatory fighting nutrients and phytonutrients, like polyphenolic acids and lignans.  They also have a range of concentrated forms of Vitamin E, which are high in free radical fighting compounds.  

Everyone is looking for foods high in anti-inflammatory compounds these days because inflammation is linked to a wide variety of diseases and autoimmune disorders.  Eating foods high in anti-inflammatory compounds will help fight inflammation in your body, and lower your chances of developing these diseases. 

Regulates Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin seed oil have helped improve insulin regulation.  The nutrients in the seeds, coupled with the low glycemic index, help promote blood sugar balance.  And the added benefit, is that regulating blood sugar can help people with weight loss!  

It's fall and the perfect time to try adding pumpkin seeds to your regular diet!  Packed with protein and nutrients, its a handy snack to take with you when you are rushing around with activities, classes and work!  

Did you know pumpkin seeds have more protein than other nuts and seeds?  They are also loaded with tons of nutrients for a healthy body!  Here are 5 reasons to stock them in your clean eating pantry! .png