Sushi Stacks

sushi stacks

My girls are obsessed with these sushi stacks!  In fact, they are now becoming the birthday dinner choice and in my clan, that's saying a lot!  They are so easy to create and you can personalize them any number of ways.  It's a fun way to bring the family together for dinner or for an evening with friends.

Protein options: (all cut into small pieces after cooked)

  • grilled/baked salmon, tilapia or any fish you like

  • grilled/baked shrimp

  • grilled/baked chicken

  • grilled flank steak

  • (this is a great opportunity to used leftovers:)

Other ingredients:

  • diced cucumber

  • diced red pepper

  • diced avocado

  • cilantro

  • spicy Fage (mix siracha sauce and Fage greek yogurt or any plain low fat greek yogurt for a low fat option to spicy mayo)

  • sesame seeds

  • low sodium soy sauce

  • brown rice (we love the Trader Joes frozen Brown Rice as it's the perfect consistency)


Using a 1 cup measuring spoon layer your ingredients.  Start with veggies, then add protein layer and finish by pressing rice into measuring cup.  Carefully turn the cup upside down on your plate and tap the bottom of the cup.  And...VOILA!  You have a gorgeous, fancy sushi stack!  Sprinkle with sesame seeds, cilantro and soy sauce or spicy Fage and you've got a visual masterpiece that will also delight your taste buds!  Have fun with this recipe!  I promise its a crowd pleaser.


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perfect sushi stacks
kid approved sushi stacks.

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