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I am reminded at this time of year at how quickly time flies.  Girls coming home from another year in college, another graduating from high seems like only yesterday that we were enjoying our Fall tradition of picking apples with that adorable trio you see above.  So many changes are happening in May that it is nice to take a moment to enjoy a few simple pleasures.

1.  necklace from young artist

Cindy and I went into the city for the One of a Kind Show last month.  We met some amazing artists whose mediums ranged from photography to silversmithing.  It was a fabulous outing!  One of the treasures I came home with was a necklace by a wonderful, young artist named Amy Shepsman creator of Flaca Jewelry.  I love the vintage chain she used in conjunction with the hammered metal and coral pieces.  We are bombarded with big box stores in this day and age, so I love finding unique, one of a kind pieces!  Especially when they come directly from the artist!

3. that's not a flower pot!

In preparing for our family graduation party, I got all my planters in tip top shape.  Going to the green house, getting my hands dirty, designing living works of art really feeds my soul.   This year I added 2 unique planters using things that are not usually thought of as flower pots.  I had an old grocery produce scale that I hung on our back porch and filled with a trailing white flower and potato vines.  My back door guest are now greeted with a fun and unexpected moment before entering our home.  Behind our garage I had a big metal bucket that had been out there rusting in the weather for years.  It had been out there so long, in fact, that the bottom of the bucket rotted out.  So, I turned the bucket upside down, filled the bottom with empty milk jugs and recycled bottles before I added potting soil.  Some shade plants filled the top and there you have it. The color that comes from the rusted metal, the unusual shape of the container and the lovely shade plants that adorn the top come together to create a special spot under our magnolia tree. As I always say, think outside the box!  As you look for planters to accentuate your outdoor living spaces, get creative.  It can add such an unexpected element and becomes a great conversation starter.

4.  sunflowers and summer go hand in hand

For my daughter's family graduation party, I wanted to have cut flowers as well as lush potted plants.  I knew I wanted to use sunflowers, so off to Trader Joe's I went.  For under $20 I was able to create 4 centerpieces that scream summer.  I love sunflowers!

5. sushi stacks

I posted our sushi stacks recipe earlier this week.  It really is a family favorite and with summer upon us, it is a fancy way to make use of left overs.  One of my girls doesn't like fish or seafood, so she uses grilled chicken for her protein.  So this really is a healthy meal everyone will enjoy! Click here to get the recipe.

5.  getting out old photos

Any time we have a big family gathering I like to get out photos. This is a photo tray I had out for our daughter, Kate's, family graduation get together.   Looking through photos is such a wonderful way to spark conversation and share memories of the captured moment.  So don't wait to put together the perfect photo album or create a gorgeous photo book, just gather up loose photos and display them in baskets, trays, apolocary jars...anything you have around the house.  Place them around your home where your guests will gather and you will not only create dialogue between them, but you will give them the gift of memories.

6.  make lemonade out of lemons

I've been working on sprucing up my girls' bathroom.  Painting walls and floors, changing baseboards, adding trim elements....just tring to give it a bit of a facelift.  I had an old transom window that I planned on hanging and using as a dry erase message board.  You can use mirrors and glass as dry erase surface and I was hoping to leave fun messages for my girls to see every time they went in to brush their teeth (which I still hope if twice a day for my younger ones-ugh!).  Well the best laid they say.  While lugging my air compressor through the bathroom, I broke the glass in the transom window.  NUTS!    I decided to hang the frame of the transome window and put a metal box, small drawer, old flash card and a funny play on words within the fame.  It's different, practical and whimsical!  Lemonade!!!!
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