Cottage Cheese Can Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals....really!

Those of you who know me, know that I am often caught reciting 80's mantras.  "Connect mind and body", "never surrender", "be excellent to each other"....I've often been tempted to show up to class in a sweat band and leg warmers!  Lots of great things came out of the 80's!  Including cottage cheese!  Sadly, its been pushed to the back of the refrigerator for the glorious and delicious Greek yogurt.  Cottage cheese has become a fad from the past.  I'm here to pull cottage cheese out from the back of your refrig.  Nobody puts cottage cheese in the corner-tee hee!  Here are some reasons to add this superfood back into your diet.

High protein.  Whether you choose full fat or low fat, you are getting a ton of protein!  On average, you'll get nearly 12 grams in a cup of cottage cheese!!!

Low calorie.  Despite being very nutritious, cottage cheese won't add too much to your calorie count, yet you will feel full.  Depending on which kind you get, a half cup will have 50-85 calories.

Low sugar.  The only sugar in cottage cheese is from the natural lactose...YIPPEE!

Perfect breakfast.  More protein in the morning means you'll be less likely to snack on something you shouldn't later.  Pair it with a whole wheat english muffin (dry) and you're set!

Filling snack.  I'm usually on the go in the afternoon, but I need a quick and easy snack.  Cottage cheese will leave you satisfied and is chuck full of macronutrients!  Winner!

Versatile.  There are so many recipes you can make with cottage cheese.  Lasagne, smoothies, wraps,  the options are endless!