Wall Art Doesn't Have to be Two Dimensional!

Another quick burst of inspiration for you all!  I love changing and rearranging what's on my walls all the time.  It instantly adds a new feel to your room and you didn't spend a dime!  Part of what adds interest to your walls, in my opinion, is layering the art you choose to display.  I'm going with my "think outside the box" mantra again.  Your wall decor doesn't have to be the traditional two dimensional art.  Look around at what you may have displayed on your coffee table or in book shelves.  Can it be hung on a wall?  If you are one of those people who are afraid to commit or make holes in your walls, fear not!  I am in love with 3M hanging products.  The velcro strips, the picture hanging tabs, all of them are fabulous and if the item isn't too heavy, I swear by them!  So, take a look around your home, gals.  Is there something unexpected that you could add to a grouping that would make it more interesting?  I'll bet there is!

I love using baskets on the wall!  Very textural!

An old wooden abacus adds interest....and is entertaining for my kids!  The original fidgit spinner.

A musical instrument and toy from Ethiopia make this grouping unique.

Who doesn't love antlers? I am always changing what I hang from them!

Here are my grandmothers leather booties that I draped over a family photo.

Old metal signs are fun and architectural.

I love displaying jewelry!  This is a funky necklace I made, but you could display any piece of jewelry that speaks to you.  

We have 7 people in our family, so I often use the number in my decor.  This is a wooden number from Hobby Lobby that I just aged and added to make this architectural trio.

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