Think Beyond Fabric by the Yard

Just a quick burst of inspiration for you on this sunny Sunday morning.  Full confession, I have a bit of a textile addiction.  I love fabrics!  I love the weight, the feel, the colors...everything!  Sadly, there are no longer fabulous fabric stores in our area.  I've been relegated to using Jo Ann Fabrics, which is ok, but not inspiring.  What's a girl to do?  

My answer, look for fabric in old curtains, blankets, dresses, burlap coffee sacks, all the unexpected places.    I just re designed my daughter, Kate's room and I found my inspiration in some Indian saris and kantha quilts I found at the flea market.  I used them as a bedspread, which you would expect, but I also cut them apart to make pillows and window treatments.  

This is a short post, ladies, but my message to you is to look outside the box with design.  You don't have to buy fabric by the yard to create unique accessories!