It's the Little Things that Make a Room

The designers I love the most are the ones that pay attention to the little things.  I find it's the little things that really say something about the people that live in the home.  Light switch covers are an easy and inexpensive way to add personality to any room.  By using decoupage glue and various paper materials, you can really customize the covers to fit the design of the room.

1.  Lay switch on paper and cut paper about 1" bigger than the plate.

2.  Notch out the corners with scissors.

3.  I like using a foam brush and putting a coat of glue (Mod Podge) on the switch plate.  

4.  Cover the plate with the desired material.  Smooth paper with your fingers and work out any bubbles.

5.  Flip the plate over and score and X in the switch hole with an razor.  

6.  Then cover the material with another coat of glue and push the paper you cut in the switch hole through and secure with more glue on the other side.

7.  Use an Exact o knife to cut small X in the screw holes.  This way the paper will not tear when you put the screws through to affix plate back to wall.

8.  Put 2 coats of glue on front of plate allowing to dry completely between coats.  You can spray with a clear sealant as well if you desire. 

You're done!  Carefully screw them back into place and admire the unique detail you just created!

So, collect your maps, old wall paper, wrapping paper, photo copy of favorite photo, clippings from magazines....your options are endless!  Have fun and get creative.