Friday Favorites....a day late!

pumpkin seeds.png

Hello all!  And Happy Friday or.....Saturday!

The Fall season is definately upon us as snow flakes are falling here in the Chicagoland area.  As I'm sitting at my daughter's softball game freezing my tukus off, I thought I'd head to Panera to get some wifi and share my lastest favorites (as well as thaw out!).

  • 1. African art

  • 2. Duck go to fashion accessory this time of year!

  • 3. Sweating with a good workout

  • 4. The glorious smell of vetiver and cardamom, my new favorite scent! (click here for the fragrance diffuser I'm obsessed with.)

  • 5. Carving pumpkins...and roasting the seeds! YUMMY!

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