Friday Favorites 114

I'm not sure if you guys enjoy reading the Friday Favorites, as much as Meg and I enjoy sharing them!  It gives us a chance to think about all the things that are putting a smile on our faces and that we are thankful for each week!  

The biggest contributor to someone's happiness is a heart full of here are some of the fun things I am grateful for this week!  

Redecorating...with furniture I already own!

I love moving furniture around!  It's like going on a shopping spree, and not spending any money...and my husband is thankful for that!  I am sure you have probably seen our Mother's Day post, well I had moved a table and chairs into to our sunroom for the pictures, and I fell in love with the new location!  It's found a permanent home in front of the window, and it has now become my favorite spot to eat breakfast and write the blog, in fact I am sitting here right now!

Chalk Paint

I know I am probably way behind the game on this, but I may have found a new DIY passion - Chalk Paint!  I had a big bench that had been well worn from dogs and kids, and I decided I had nothing to lose by painting it.  I am honestly so amazed at how simple the chalk paint process was, it's impossible to mess up!  No prep work, no sanding, no worries about anything.  I painted the bench and distressed the edges, and it looks like a brand new piece of furniture.  Now, I am scanning my house deciding what else I should paint!

Forget Me Nots

I am a flower fanatic, and the first glimpses of spring color makes me so happy!  There is a wooded area along the road that my daughter and I drive past several times a day, and for a couple of weeks during the spring, it is a absolutely filled with Forget Me Nots.  We actually talk about it all year, waiting for the week or two that it is in full spring bloom!  Well, the picture doesn't do it justice, as it was taken from the car, but it is spectacular!  It's probably one of my favorite spring sights!

Seasonal Planters

As I said above, I am a flower fanatic!  I live outside of Chicago so our growing season is short, and if I only kept my planters on my front porch filled with summer flowers, that would mean I would have a pot full of dirt there for the other nine months of the way!  I keep my planters full all year round: they hold annuals during the summer (you can see them here), are filled with mums and gourds in the fall, in the winter they are full of greens and red sticks, and in the spring I fill them with bulbs and pansies.  The beauty of the bulbs, as I have learned from experience, is that they can be planted directly into the ground once I am done with them in the planters.  I used to put them in bags and wait until fall, but several years ago I just pulled them straight from the pot and planted them all around my yard...and it worked like a charm!  The next year they came back great!

Iced Caramel Protein Latte

Obviously coffee is high on my gratitude list (cardio COFFEE and kale), and thanks to one of our clients, we now have the easiest caramel flavored protein latte ever!  I have been filling a glass with ice, pouring half of a caramel flavored Premier Protein over the ice, and adding a shot or two of espresso from my Nespresso Machine.  You could use coffee that had cooled as well.  It's delicious and has 15 grams of protein!  (Thanks Debbie!)

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