Get Outside and Workout!

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to workout outside!  Beyond the obvious reasons; the beautiful surroundings, change of pace, enjoying the season, there are some studied and proven reasons that outdoor fitness is not only an exciting experience, but an effective one as well.

1.  Increasing motivation

Getting outside increases your energy and makes you feel revitalized.  Studies have shown that you are more motivated to complete an outdoor workout vs. the same workout at a gym.  Your stress levels lessen and your blood pressure lowers.  YES!

2.  Burn more calories

I've done the same workout in a gym and outside and I ALWAYS burn more calories when I'm outside.  The fresh air, the uneven ground (forcing you to find stability with every move), the wind and the temperature all work together to create a higher metabolism.  This beautiful collaboration of nature allows calories to burn faster and more effectively!  But wait....there's more!

3.  Works more muscles

As I mentioned earlier, the uneven ground forces your body to use different muscles than you'd use on a gym floor surface/indoors.  This action of creating stability engages your core with every action.  It also utilizes muscles and tendons that will only be strengthened by this outdoor fitness.

4.  Feel more energized

Just the act of exercising increases your endorphin levels and gives you an emotional boost. Similar to what happen when you drink caffeine.  The fresh air can increase this effect when you are working out outdoors.  This sense of renewed energy increases your performance and endurance giving you better overall results.

All of these reasons should give you the motivation to get outside!   Be sure you are hydrated ahead of time and throughout the workout, wear sunscreen and have some energy chews with you during your outdoor adventure.  I often keep a cool rag in an insulated lunch tote and a spray bottle full of water with me as well.  Getting out first thing in the morning or later in the evening is also a good idea.  Grab a gal pal and give it a try, ladies!  Let me know your calorie burn....I guarantee you will crush what you burn at the gym!!!