Dollar Store, Labels, and Jars... OH MY!

Well now that I've given you my basic organizational guidelines, I thought I'd show you my pantry/cabinet re-do using all dollar store containers.  Right now I am totally into clear labels.  I actually just used the clear sheets to create a wallpaper look for the alcove in our family room (tutorial to follow).  

I am also digging the font Hickory Jack at the moment.  It's a fun, loopy font that makes me happy when I see, I'm using it to organize my kitchen.  

At the dollar store, I tried to find containers I could adhere my clear labels to.  I do also like hanging tags on basket style containers, but for this particular cabinet I'm using the stickers.

I've  found that it’s the best to print these labels onto Silhouette clear sticker sheets. You can buy a two-pack of the Silhouette labels (8 sheets in each pack) on Amazon here. You don’t have to have a silhouette machine to use these sheets and will work on standard printers. After you hit the print or print preview button, go into your advanced printer settings/image quality/printer set up and choose the “Best” or “High Quality” print quality.  This is very important and will make HUGE difference.   Since we are printing bold black ink on slick paper, if you don't use best quality setting,  the font will come out faint on this particular type silhouette sticker paper.  Print only one silhouette sheet at a time (to prevent smearing) and let ink dry at least 15 minutes.

Full confession, I don't have a designated pantry.  I WISH I DID, but they don't exists in a turn of the century home.  So I organized a cabinet in the kitchen.  You don't have to have a big walk in pantry to get organized.  Use the space you do have and get going.  Group like items, get rid of what you don't use, and create a space that makes you smile.  As you know from my other Life Style posts, I enjoy creating small moments that make me happy.  Lining the back of the cabinet with wrapping paper (are you surprised I didn't use maps?!), using a label font I think is fun, and doing it all on a budget all make me smile every time I open the cabinet.  Not to mention, my cabinet is organized! 

One final thought....jars jars jars jars jars!  I use them for everything!  Re-use food jars or buy them at the dollar store and you can organize just about anything.  Cupcake liners in a jar, panko crumbs in a jar, matches in a jar...several things to make you smile!!  HAVE FUN!