My Friday Favorites!

david's tea taster kit

It had been on my calendar for 4 weeks....the debut of the Hearth and Home line at Target!!!  So, on Sunday, November 5 I headed to Target with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. It never occured to me that other women were as excited about this reveal as I was, so when there were people standing at the doors of Target waiting for it to open I was shocked...and excited!  I come from a family of bargain shoppers.  Many a time I have stood at the entrance to a store to be the first to race in and find the ultimate bargain!  Salvation Army on a Saturday morning is an experience that ignites my adrenaline!  Not quite as much as a good workout, but close:). As I race with my cart back to the Hearth and Home display, I knew I would not be disappointed.  On top of  my Hearth and Home adventure, our youngest daughter celebrated her "gotcha day".  This is the glorious day we celebrate bringing our dearest Mekdes home from Ethiopia and into our hearts forever.  Mekdes picks her favorite dinner and we all recall memories of that momentous day.  Another momentous day in our household this week was our middle daughter committing to play softball at a school she loves.  She is so excited...and so are we!  Everyone is enjoying the protein oats bars and has made breakfast and snack on the go soooo much easier! And pairing perfectly with these bars is the delightful tea that my dear Cindy gave me for our one year Empower celebration.  It is a tasters tea kit from Davids Tea that allows you to try all sort of tea flavors and create your own tea bags!  I feel soooo fancy!  I love it!