Lacking Motivation?

lacking motivation to workout

We have a wonderful woman in class who shared something with me last week that not only made me smile, but reminded me of the struggle many women have with fitness.  Before class started we had a few minutes to chat and I was asking her about eating protein after workouts.  We had discussed protein bars we liked the week before and I wanted to see if she found one she thought was edible.  In our conversation, she shared with me that for most of her adult life she has dreaded going to the gym.  Working out was never something she looked forward to.  In fact, it was usually something she avoided if at all possible.  Something had shifted in her mind space and she now not only looks forward to coming to class, but she feels guilty if she misses class.  Wow!  What a change!  

That is the kind of lifestyle shift we all need to find.  We are not committing to fitness because we HAVE to, we are committing to fitness because we WANT to.  As I get older, fitness is less and less about how much I weigh or how I look and more and more about how it makes me feel.  I feel less stressed, I feel good about myself,  I feel happier,  I feel more productive, I feel more focused on healthy eating, I feel I sleep better, I feel more patient (most of the time) with my family, I feel more creative.  Working out is a gift I give myself because it gives me all these things...and more!

I think the key to becoming fit for life is finding the vehicle that will get you there.  It may be pilates, it may be cross-fit, it may be running, but you MUST find something you enjoy.  Cindy and I are strong believers in mixing a bit of everything into your fitness recipe.   In our classes, we mix it up all the time.  This keeps us from getting bored while also creating a fit for life program that works for most women our age.  For some of you this vehicle may change from month to month or year to year.  Continue searching for what you enjoy and incorporate it into your lifestyle.  

Remember, a one hour workout is only four percent of your day.  4%!!!!  Give yourself the gift of that 4%.  Find the class or workout that makes you feel guilty if you miss it.  I promise you the search is more than worth the effort.  4%!!!!  Make the mental shift and commit to becoming fit for life not because of how you want to look, but because of how it will make you feel!

We have lots of great workouts on the blog that can help you get started.  Grab a friend and commit to working out together!