Total Fitness Band Set with Carrying Bag

Total Fitness Band Set with Carrying Bag


We love bands!  This Total Fitness Band Set is literally an entire workout in a bag!  You can use it for upper and lower resistance training, and it's compact enough to throw into your purse or luggage, and take with you anywhere!  

Resistance bands are a great way to tone and strengthen.  They are versatile, easy on the joints, and target all muscle groups with controllable tension.  If you're bored with your current workouts or if you want something you can do at home, bands are a perfect solution. This set even includes a strap for stretching out after you workout so you can avoid injury and keep your lower back in great health.  

Keeping fitness on schedule has never been so easy!  

The set includes:

  • 1 Wide Loop Band
  • 3 Varying Resistance Tube Bands (Difficult, Medium and Light Resistence)
  • Long Strap for Stretching
  • Carrying Bag
  • Access to Exclusive Band Workout Videos


Take a look at these workouts done with our resistance bands!  

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